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IBM Cognos BI Training

  • Introduction to IBM Cognos
  • Difference between OLTP and OLAP systems
  • Overview on relational and dimension model
  • Introduction to Cognos architecture
  • Overview on Cognos components
  • Introduction to framework manager
    • Create a project:
  • Working with various data sources:
    • MS-Access
    • MS-SQL Server
    • Oracle, etc.
  • Create a relational model in FM:
    • Import tables
    • Understanding the tables
    • Understanding balanced and ragged-hierarchies (balanced)
    • Define the relations
    • Set the cardinalities
    • Create shot cut joins
    • Verify the referential integrity
    • Validate the tables and model
  • Create a query subject in FM:
    • From model
    • From same database
    • From different database
    • From stored procedure
    • Define granularity
    • Define new a query set using set operators (union, intersect and except)


  • Create new query items:
    • Using necessary operators and functions
    • Define additive measures
    • Semi-additive measures
    • Non-additive measures
      • Create a cube in FM:
        • Create regular dimensions
        • Difference between normalization and de-normalization
        • Define hierarchies with business keys
        • Define suitable member captions to business keys
        • Create measure dimensions with necessary aggregate functions
          • Create global filters in FM:
            • Simple filters
            • Complex filters
            • Create stand-alone filters
          • Create name space and working with different data sources
          • Working with link segment
          • Working with model adviser
          • Working with parameter maps:
            • From file
            • From query items
          • Difference between native SQL and Cognos SQL
            • Verify the project
            • Create package and publish:
          • With necessary query subjects
          • Query items
          • Query filters
          • Select style of the request model

Reporting Services:

  • Overview on various types of reports:
    • Ad-Hoc
    • Standard
    • Dashboard
      • Working with cognos connection
      • Introduction to various reporting tools in cognos connection
        • Report Studio
        • Query Studio
        • Analysis Studio
        • Event Studio
        • Metric Studio
          • Working with cubes and reports:
          • Overview on Report studio:
          • Explanation on various report formats:
          • Working with report studio in professional and express mode.
            • Create reports in Report Studio:
              • List reports
              • Cross-tab reports (matrix or pivot table)
              • Chart reports
              • Map reports, financial reports, etc
              • Working with blank layout
              • Create new template and working with existing templates
              • Generate the reports in PDF, Excel, HTML, etc.
              • Working with prompts and filters (detailed and summarized)
              • Working with aggregated function
              • Report optimization
              • Working with repeatable tables
              • Create Group reports (Dash board)
              • Convert list report into cross tab report
              • Convert list report to repeatable table
              • Convert cross tab reports into chart reports
              • Working with groups, groups- span, sections, and swapping, etc.
              • Working with master-detail reports
              • Working with drill-behavior (drill-up and drill-down)
              • Working with drill through (create hyper link between two reports)
              • Working with conditional styles
              • Working with ancestor
              • Working with roll-up aggregation
              • Working with arithmetic and aggregate functions
              • Working with burst reports
              • Working with set operator to merge multiple queries in report studio.


  • Working with Query Studio:
  • Generates various types of Ad-hoc reports
  • Working with arithmetic operations and aggregated functions
  • Create new query items
  • Working with same types of the reports generated using Report Studio
    • Overview on drilling analysis
    • Overview on Analysis Studio:
      • Create multi-dimensional reports
      • Working with cross-tab reports
      • Working with chart reports
      • Using drill-down and drill-up options
        • Working with event studio
        • Working with Cognos Connection
      • Working with security and Administration
      • Working with report scheduling
      • Working with job Scheduling
      • Working with Dashboards
      • Working with deployment
      • Development
      • Testing
      • Production
        • Working with Cognos transformer

Advanced concepts:

Working with model design accelerator in Frame work manager

Working with Business Insight for dashboards in the cognos connection

Working with business insight advanced

Working with Active reports, Variables and containers


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