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Data Scientist Masters Program

Introduction to Python
  • Python Market Trends
  • Python Applications
  • Python Installation
  • Python IDE & Interpreter
  • Indentation, Comments and Literals
  • Python Code Execution
  • Hello World Program Using Python
  • Identifiers & Variables
  • Data Types
  • Strings
  • Tuples
  • Lists
  • Dictionaries
  • Sets
Python Operators, Sequences, File Operations
  • Conditional Statements
  • Introduction to Loops in Python
  • For Loop
  • Nested Loops
  • While Loop
  • Control Statements
  • Command Line Parameters
  • Sequences and File Operations
Functions & Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Use Case
  • Classes and Objects
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Key Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Abstraction,
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Types of Inheritance
  • Single Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Working with Modules and Handling Exceptions
Numpy, Pandas & Matplotlib Data Visualization
  • NumpyIntroduction and various methods
  • What is Pandas?
  • Installing Pandas
  • Pandas Data Structure Types
  • What is dataframe?
  • cleaning up messy data in csv/excel files
  • fillna, interpolate, dropna, replace methods
  • Group By (Split Apply Combine)
  • Concat Dataframes, Merge Dataframes
  • Pivot table
  • melt function, Stack & Unstack functions
  • Crosstab Tab
  • Time Series Analysis: DatetimeIndex and Resample, date_range, Holidays, to_datetime, Period and PeriodIndex, Timezone Handling, Shifting and Lagging,
  • Import & Export to excel file
  • Import From SQL & Export to SQL
  • Matplotlib data Visualization
  • Seaborn data Visualization
R Programming
  • Data Science concepts of R and functioning of R Calculator
  • Various functions like Stack, Merge and Strsplit
  • Creating pie charts, plots and vectors
  • Assigning value to variables and generating repeat and factor levels
  • Performing sorting, analyze variance and the cluster
  • ODBC tables reading and linear and logistic regression
  • Database connectivity
  • Deploying R programming for Hadoop applications
  • What is Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Central Tendency Measures
  • The Story of Average
  • Dispersion Measures
  • Data Distributions
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • What is Sampling
  • Why Sampling
  • Sampling Methods
  • Inferential Statistics
  • What is Hypothesis testing
  • Confidence Level
  • Degrees of freedom
  • what is pValue
  • Chi-Square test
  • What is ANOVA
  • Correlation vs Regression
  • Uses of Correlation & Regression 
Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI using Python
Machine Learning Introduction
  • ML Fundamentals
  • ML Common Use Cases
  • Understanding Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Techniques
Implementing Association rule mining
  • What is Association Rules & its use cases?
  • What is Recommendation Engine & it’s working?
  • Recommendation Use-case
  • Case study
Supervised Learning Techniques
Linear Regression
  • Case study
  • Introduction to Predictive Modeling
  • Linear Regression Overview
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression
Logistic Regression
  • Case study
  • Logistic Regression Overview
  • Data Partitioning
  • Univariate Analysis
  • Bivariate Analysis
  • Multicollinearity Analysis
  • Model Building
  • Model Validation
  • Model Performance Assessment AUC & ROC curves
  • Scorecard
Decision Tree Classifier
  • How to build Decision trees
  • What is Classification and its use cases?
  • What is Decision Tree?
  • Algorithm for Decision Tree Induction
  • Creating a Decision Tree
  • Confusion Matrix
  • Case study
Random Forest Classifier
  • What is Random Forests
  • Features of Random Forest
  • Out of Box Error Estimate and Variable Importance
  • Case study
Naive Bayes Classifier
  • Case study
Support Vector Machines
  • Case Study
  • Introduction to SVMs
  • SVM History
  • Vectors Overview
  • Decision Surfaces
  • Linear SVMs
  • The Kernel Trick
  • Non-Linear SVMs
  • The Kernel SVM
Time Series Analysis
  • Describe Time Series data
  • Format your Time Series data
  • List the different components of Time Series data
  • Discuss different kind of Time Series scenarios
  • Choose the model according to the Time series scenario
  • Implement the model for forecasting
  • Explain working and implementation of ARIMA model
  • Illustrate the working and implementation of different ETS models
  • Forecast the data using the respective model
  • What is Time Series data?
  • Time Series variables
  • Different components of Time Series data
  • Visualize the data to identify Time Series Components
  • Implement ARIMA model for forecasting
  • Exponential smoothing models
  • Identifying different time series scenario based on which different Exponential Smoothing model can be applied
  • Implement respective model for forecasting
  • Visualizing and formatting Time Series data
  • Plotting decomposed Time Series data plot
  • Applying ARIMA and ETS model for Time Series forecasting
  • Forecasting for given Time period
  • Case Study 
Feature Selection and Pre-processing
  • How to select the right data
  • Which are the best features to use
  • Additional feature selection techniques
  • A feature selection case study
  • Preprocessing
  • Preprocessing Scaling Techniques
  • How to preprocess your data
  • How to scale your data
  • Feature Scaling Final Project
Which Algorithms perform best
  • Highly efficient machine learning algorithms
  • Bagging Decision Trees
  • The power of ensembles
  • Random Forest Ensemble technique
  • Boosting – Adaboost
  • Boosting ensemble stochastic gradient boosting
  • A final ensemble technique
Model selection cross validation score
  • Introduction Model Tuning
  • Parameter Tuning GridSearchCV
  • A second method to tune your algorithm
  • How to automate machine learning
  • Which ML algo should you choose
  • How to compare machine learning algorithms in practice
  • Similarity Metrics
  • Distance Measure Types: Euclidean, Cosine Measures
  • Creating predictive models
  • Understanding K-Means Clustering
  • Understanding TF-IDF, Cosine Similarity and their application to Vector Space Model
  • Case study 
Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning Introduction
  • Forward propagation, Backpropagation
  • Activation function,  Need for optimization
  • Gradient descent
  • Deeper networks
  •  Creating Keras Regression Model
  •  Creating Keras Classification Models
  •  Using models, Understanding Model Optimization
  • Model Validation, Model Capacity
  • Project on Deep Learning
  • Project using Keras and tensorflow
  • Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN)
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
Natural Language Processing
  • NLU/NLP/Text Analytics/Text Mining
  • Natural Language Understanding/Processing(NLU/P)
  • Regular Expressions
  • Tokenization, Advanced tokenization with regex
  • Charting word length with nltk
  • Word Counts with bag of Words
  • Text pre-processing
  • Gensim
  • Tf-idf with gensim
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Introduction to spacy
  • Multilingual NER with polyglot
  • Building a “fake news” classifier
  • Dialog Flow
Projects on NLU/NLP
  • Introduction
  • EchoBot, Chitchat Bot
  • Text Munging with regular expressions
  • Understanding intents and entities
  • Word Vectors, Intents and classification, Entity Extraction
  • Robust NLU with Rasa
  •  Building a Virtual assistant
  • Access data from sqlite with parameters
  • Exploring a DB with natural language
  • Incremental slot filling and negation
  • Dialogue
  •           Stateful bots
Machine Learning Project


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